How to Clean and Maintain Timber Venetian Blinds

Cleaning and Maintaining Timber Venetian Blinds can be an easy task, if you go about it the right way.




Here are some tips on how to keep your Timber Venetians looking like new:


1. Restoration of Timber Venetian Blinds

This step is for timber blinds that have not been cleaned in a long time and the moisture in the air has caused the dust on them to stick and become grimy black sludge that will not come off easily with a regular clean. Also this step is necessary if the blinds have been damaged by water exposure, or if they have faded or discolored from high sun exposure.


To learn about Restoration of Damaged Timber Venetian Blinds, check out our article on this topic.


2. Maintenance Clean for Timber Venetian Blinds

(Once every three months)

Maintaining and regularly cleaning your wood blinds are the easy steps. You do not need to take your blinds down, and if you follow a regular cleaning routine you should not have to do a major restoration of your blinds very often.


Steps for a maintenance clean:

Start with your usual regular clean (see below), by vacuuming or dusting the blinds. Then, wearing damp (not wet) cotton gloves dipped in 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water, wipe each slat clean and allow to dry.


The easiest way to do this is to keep your blinds in the open position, and use your gloved hands to ‘grip’ each timber slat between your index and middle fingers, ensuring the glove is in contact with both sides of the  timber. In this way, grip the slat in the middle with both hands and draw your hands outwards towards the end of the blind, thus cleaning both sides at the same time.


If you are cleaning larger sized timber blinds, you may need to do this step in sections, working your way down from the top to the bottom and then across to the next section.


3. Regular Cleaning of Timber Venetian Blinds


This is a quick and easy way to make sure your blinds stay dust free so you do not have to do major maintenance work on them later. There are two ways to do a regular clean :


- Use a static duster to dust the blinds, starting from the top, and using a left to right motion to wipe across each slat. You need to have the blinds in the closed position for this, and once complete, turn them to close the other way so you can clean the other side. I prefer not to use this method, as I find no matter how good your static dust-attracting cleaner is, there will still be dust that has dislodged flying in the air and settling on other furniture in the room. If this is the method you choose to use, then I would return to the room half an hour later, after the dust has settled and give the other furniture a quick wipe also.


- The best way to clean wood blinds, which I find more effective and quicker, is simply to vacuum the timber blinds while they are in the closed position.  Most vacuum cleaners come with a small round brush attachment – use this attachment to vacuum left to right across each slat, starting from the top of the blinds. If the blinds are large, I find it easier to hold them in place with one hand while vacuuming, to stop them from flapping against the window. The best part about this method is it minimizes any excess dust from escaping into the room, and the brush is an excellent tool for getting dust out of the overlap area between the slats, and those fiddly bits where the cords connect the slats together.


Once you have vacuumed one side of your blinds, simply turn the blinds to close in the other direction so you can repeat on the other side.


It is not as difficult as it sounds to clean wood blinds and have them dust free and looking great, however, if you really don’t like the sound of what’s involved in restoring or maintaining your timber blinds, or you simply don’t have the time, a professional clean will let your blinds come back to life. I would recommend a professional clean once every 2-3 years if you are doing your own regular clean & maintenance, or once every 1-2 years if you are only vacuuming/dusting them.




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